Whois Privacy Protection with Samanadje Hosting

By default, the WHOIS information must be available to the public and additionally completely exact. Which means you need to report your own or firm info on the web and re–confirm that it is accessible to every person to discover. When using the Domain WHOIS Privacy Protection solution you can find at Samanadje Hosting, it is easy to conceal your information by using our data as a replacement.
One of the benefits would be that all domain–related emails (transfer requests, EPP codes, etcetera) will continue to go through, whilst any unwelcome messages are going to be blocked out.

Whois Privacy Protection–eligible TLDs

We’re not able to offer Whois Privacy Protection for all the domain names. That is a restriction made by the entity responsible for administering the any given TLD at the top level. This is exactly why no more but a limited number of domains are presently Whois Privacy Protection–eligible:
The supported TLDs are: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .co, .co.za, .me, .tv & .cc.

SSL Certificates

Buy SSL certificates completely from your CP

Via the Domain Manager, you will also be able to order an SSL certificate for your domain. With an SSL certificate, all the delicate data that your clients submit via your web site (on the order page, through a login form, and so on) will be enciphered and the submitted info will never be put at risk.

To request an SSL certificate for your domain name, just enter the required details and press the Activate button. You can request a generic SSL certificate, which will be enabled for a single host, or a wildcard SSL certificate, which will be valid for all the hosts under your domain name.

SSL Certificates

DNS Record Control

Get extensive control over your DNS adjustments

From the Custom DNS Records section of the Domain Manager, you will be able to easily edit all the DNS records for your domain with only one simple mouse click! All common types of DNS records are supported, including A, AAAA, MX, NS, CNAME, SRV and TXT records. All you need to do is fill in the new value for the DNS resource record that you’d like to set or change, click on the action button and allow a little time for the new DNS resource record to be propagated all over the globe. Another alternative is to revert a DNS record to its old status.

What is more, if you desire to make your web site’s name servers look like your domain, you can do that with just a simple click via the Domain Manager.

DNS Record Control

24/7 Support Service

A support team is constantly available to assist

Having a trustworthy client care staff capable to help you with any question that you might have is essential for creating a trusted relationship with our clients. We offer a 24/7 technical support service with each of our cloud hosting packages. Samanadje Hosting’s techs have been in the web hosting sphere for several years and are capable enough to assist you with any difficulty.

Also, we offer a sixty–minute tech support ticket response time guarantee. In fact, our client support staff representatives normally reply in even less than 20 minutes!

24/7 Support Service

Domain Locking

Theft–proof your domains

With Samanadje Hosting, you will be able to easily prevent your domain from getting taken away without your authorization by "locking" it at your present domain registrar. This won’t influence the way the domain behaves in any respect whatsoever, but will automatically block all domain transfer requests.

And in case you have to transfer your domain name, you can simply unlock it. Locking & unlocking a domain is quite easy and comes down to only one click.

Domain Locking

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